Do You Tip A Golf Pro For Lessons? Here’s What To Do

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Understanding When and How to Tip a Golf Pro

Golf is a great sport that allows you to get out in nature, have some fun with friends, and challenge yourself. But if you’re looking for ways to improve your game, then it’s always a good idea to consider taking lessons from an experienced golf pro. But do you tip golf pros for lessons? It can be confusing trying to figure out when and how much tipping is necessary or appropriate when receiving instruction from a professional golfer.

Why Should You Tip A Golf Pro?

Tipping etiquette is not something that comes naturally for many of us but there are certain situations where it’s expected and appreciated. With golf pros offering their expertise as part of the package, they should receive compensation in the form of tips just like other service providers such as waiters and bartenders do. Tips are usually given after each lesson and should be based on the quality of instruction received – whether it was very helpful or not so much. For example, if your instructor managed to shave several strokes off your score in one session then extra money might be warranted on top of their usual rate per hour/session.

How Much Should You Tip A Golf Pro?

When tipping a golf pro, generally 10-20% (of their regular fee) will suffice depending on how satisfied you were with their services – though this could go higher if they went above & beyond expectations during the lesson(s). As long as you feel comfortable about giving what’s being offered then all is well! Also remember that cash tips are preferred by most pros instead of gift cards or other items since these may require additional time spent at stores exchanging them etc., which can become tedious after awhile..


At the end of the day, tipping your golf pro should ultimately come down to personal preference & comfort level while keeping in mind how satisfied/impressed you were with their performance during every session/hour spent together learning new techniques & skillsets related directly towards improving upon existing weaknesses within one’s overall game play & strategy execution plans going forward into future rounds within competitive tournaments amongst fellow players alike!