Do You Tip at Axe Throwing? A Guide to Tipping Etiquette

Axe throwing has become an increasingly popular recreational activity for both locals and tourists alike. As more people venture into this exciting sport, questions about tipping etiquette arise. In this blog post, we will delve into the topic of tipping at axe throwing establishments and provide you with a comprehensive guide to navigate this often-debated issue.

The Importance of Tipping:

Tipping is a way to show appreciation for exceptional service provided by employees in various industries. While it may not be mandatory, tipping demonstrates your gratitude towards the hard work put in by these individuals who contribute to enhancing your overall experience.

Tipping at Axe Throwing Establishments: What You Need to Know

Axe Throwing Coaches:

When visiting an axe throwing establishment, you will likely encounter highly trained professionals known as axe throwing coaches or instructors. These individuals offer guidance on proper technique, ensure safety protocols are followed, and create a fun environment for all participants. It is customary to tip your coach for their expertise and efforts in making your experience enjoyable.

Suggested Tipping Practices

Tipping Amounts:

While there are no strict rules regarding the amount you should tip at an axe-throwing venue, a general guideline is to leave around 10-15% of the total cost of your session as gratuity. If you feel that the coach went above and beyond expectations or if they greatly contributed to your enjoyment during the session, consider leaving a higher percentage as a token of appreciation.

Timing Your Tip:

It’s best practice to hand over the tip directly after completing your session with the coach. This ensures that they receive immediate recognition for their efforts and maintains a positive rapport between you and the coach.

Tipping Split:

In some cases, several coaches may be involved in assisting your group during the axe throwing session. In such instances, it is recommended to split the tip among all the coaches present. This shows equal appreciation for each individual’s contribution.

Exceptions to Tipping

Poor Service:

While tipping is customary for good service, if you encounter any issues or experience subpar coaching during your session, it is perfectly acceptable to adjust or withhold the tip accordingly. However, consider providing constructive feedback to management regarding your experience, as this can help improve future visits for both yourself and others.


In conclusion, tipping at axe throwing establishments is generally expected when coaches provide exceptional service that enhances your overall experience. It demonstrates gratitude towards these professionals who ensure safety and enjoyment throughout your visit. While there are no fixed rules on how much to tip or when to do so, following suggested practices will help maintain a positive relationship with your coach while acknowledging their efforts. Remember that tipping serves as an appreciation of great service received and contributes towards building a thriving community around this exciting sport.