Do Tennis Players Wear Jock Straps? Here’s The Answer You Need To Know!

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Do Tennis Players Wear Jock Straps?

Tennis players take the court in a variety of different gear, from white shorts and polo shirts to long socks and wristbands. But have you ever wondered if tennis players wear jock straps? Well, there’s no straight answer to this question since it depends on the individual player’s preference.

When playing tennis at a professional level, most male players prefer to wear compression shorts instead of traditional boxers or briefs. This is because compression clothing helps wick away sweat and reduce muscular fatigue during intense physical activity. However, some male players will opt for jock straps underneath their attire as they provide extra protection against chafing while also supporting external genitalia such as testicles and penis during strenuous movements like running and jumping.

Benefits of Wearing Jock Straps

There are several benefits that come with wearing a jock strap when playing tennis at an advanced level:

– They help protect against unnecessary friction caused by tight-fitting clothes which may lead to groin pain or injury over time;

– The added support offered by these garments can enhance performance on the court by promoting better blood circulation around the waist area;

– Additionally, they may even offer some degree of psychological security for those who feel more confident knowing that their genitals are well-protected from potential bumps or falls during playtime.

– Lastly, many men find that wearing a jockstrap can improve their overall comfort levels when taking part in any kind of sportive activity – not just tennis!


Whether or not you choose to wear a jock strap when playing tennis comes down to personal preference. Some people may prefer the additional layer of protection it offers while others might be happy enough with just wearing compression shorts alone—it’s really up to you! Ultimately though, having some form of extra support between your legs is never going to hurt—especially if you want your game performance to remain top notch throughout all kinds of match situations!