Do NASCAR Drivers Listen To Music? We Ask The Pros

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Do NASCAR Drivers Listen to Music While Racing?

The thrill of NASCAR races is often paired with the sound of powerful motors roaring. But what about music? Do stock car drivers take a break from the engine noise and listen to tunes while they race around the tracks?

It’s an interesting question, and one that deserves some exploration. After all, driving a car at speeds over 200mph requires intense concentration and focus – so it stands to reason that music could potentially be distracting. On the other hand, perhaps some musicians use their playlist as fuel for adrenaline-filled performances on the track. Let’s take a deeper look into this intriguing topic!

Music in Motorsports

It turns out that listening to music isn’t completely unheard of in motorsports circles – though it’s likely not something you’d find during professional competitions such as NASCAR races. Some amateur racers have experimented with playing music inside their vehicles (or even outside them) during practice runs or friendly events – but there are no known instances of this happening at major races like Daytona or Talladega Superspeedway.

In fact, many people believe that listening to any type of audio stimulus can be dangerous when driving at high speeds since it takes away from your ability to pay attention to external noises such as cars passing by or emergency signals from officials. Additionally, most drivers consider having headphones on an unnecessary distraction when trying to stay focused on handling their vehicle safely throughout long periods of time behind the wheel.


In conclusion, although it may seem fun and exciting for some racers to blast their favorite tunes while tearing up a track – experts caution against doing this due its potential dangers. Professional drivers typically keep alert by relying solely on their training and instincts rather than introducing potential auditory interference into the equation while they’re competing on courses across America each year!