Do NASCAR Cars Have Rear View Mirrors? The Surprising Answer!

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What Are NASCAR Cars Like?

NASCAR cars are unlike anything you’ll find on modern roads. Designed to let drivers race at speeds of up to 200 miles per hour, these cars have unique features and capabilities that make them stand out from the rest. One of the most notable features is their lack of rearview mirrors—but why don’t they have them? Let’s take a closer look at what makes NASCAR so different from other vehicles.

Why Don’t NASCAR Cars Have Rearview Mirrors?

The main reason why NASCAR cars don’t feature rearview mirrors is due to aerodynamics. When racing around a track at such high speeds, having any unnecessary obstructions in the air can seriously impair performance and even put drivers in danger if airflow isn’t optimized correctly. As such, all exterior objects—including side-view and rear-view mirrors—have been eliminated from the design in order to maximize efficiency while driving around turns or accelerating on straights.

Another factor contributing to this decision is cost savings; by not including side-view or rear-view mirrors, teams can save money since there will be no need for repairs if those parts become damaged during races or practice sessions. However, this doesn’t mean that drivers lose out completely as there are still some ways they can check behind themselves when necessary!

How Do Drivers See Behind Themselves Without Mirrors?

Though it may seem like an impossible feat without traditional mirror setup present inside the car cabin, drivers do actually have tools available that allow them to see behind themselves with relative ease on the racetrack: spotters! Sitting atop grandstands surrounding each track, spotters act as human eyes for drivers by providing constant updates about where other competitors are located during races and helping guide them through tight corners or chaotic pack racing situations without issue thanks to their wide view of everything happening around each vehicle on track . This ensures safety for everyone involved as well as allowing for exciting wheel-to-wheel action between competitors every weekend!


So now we know why modern day Nascar cars lack traditional rear view mirrors: due to aerodynamic concerns coupled with cost savings initiatives taken by teams participating in various racing series across America’s motorsports landscape! But luckily due diligence has been done over the years ensuring adequate visibility while still maintaining competitive performance levels – via use of dedicated spotters who watch over proceedings both on & off track – so fans don’t miss out on any thrilling moments throughout entire race weekends!!