The Surprising Answer To: Do NASCAR Cars Have Mirrors?

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When you think of a NASCAR car, the image that comes to mind is one of speed and power. But, have you ever stopped to wonder if these cars have mirrors like normal cars do? It’s something that many people overlook when considering what NASCAR cars can do on the track. So today we are going to explore this question – do NASCAR cars have mirrors?

Mirrors in Racing

In racing, having rearview mirrors is important for safety reasons as it allows drivers to see what’s happening behind them. This helps them make decisions about when they should move out of the way or slow down if there’s someone coming up fast behind them. However, because racecars travel at such high speeds, regular side view and rearview mirrors aren’t effective enough for drivers to use safely while driving.

Instead, most racecar drivers rely on interior-mounted cameras which allow them to see what’s happening around their car without having any physical obstructions outside their vehicle blocking their view. This gives drivers a wider field of vision so they can accurately judge distances between themselves and other vehicles on the track.

NASCAR Mirrors

So now let’s go back to our original question – do NASCAR Cars have mirrors? The answer is yes! While there are no standard side view or rearview mirrors used in NASCAR races due to safety concerns mentioned previously, teams often add custom-made roof mounted convex mirror systems with cameras attached so that drivers can still get an accurate overview of where other racers are located relative to themselves during races.

These camera systems give drivers more visibility than traditional side view and rearview mirrors would be able provide since they don’t impede air flow over the body surface as much as traditional glass based solutions would do at higher speeds like those seen in professional motorsport events like NASCAR races.

Furthermore, some teams also install additional video monitors inside the cockpit so that crews can monitor driver performance from both inside and outside the vehicle more easily throughout a race day event without sacrificing driver visibility out on course.


Overall then it seems clear that while standard side view and rearview mirror setups wouldn’t work properly for a professional racing environment such as NASCAR, specialized camera-based systems offer better visibility for all parties involved allowing everyone involved in both maintaining and participating in these events stay safe while still getting maximum enjoyment out of every lap run by each participant.