Do NASCAR Cars Have a Clutch? The Surprising Answer Revealed

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What Is a Clutch?

A clutch is an important component of the drivetrain system found in many vehicles. It refers to the coupling between the transmission and engine, allowing the driver to change gears quickly and efficiently. In manual transmissions, it’s operated by pressing down on a pedal that disengages one gear from another; in automatic transmissions, it’s operated electronically as part of a computerized system. So do NASCAR cars have clutches?

Do NASCAR Cars Have Clutches?

The short answer is yes: NASCAR cars do indeed have clutches! In fact, they are essential components for any racing vehicle – regardless of whether it’s used for stock car racing or something else entirely. Unlike regular road cars which rely on an automatic transmission with its own built-in electronic clutch system, racecars require manual shifting capabilities as well as much higher levels of torque and power output – both of which necessitate the use of traditional mechanical clutches.

NASCAR teams opt for different types of clutches depending on what type of driving they plan to do; some choose triple-plate carbon fiber units while others prefer single plate steel disks or even dual disk ceramic models. The choice ultimately comes down to personal preference and specific track requirements – but whatever option they choose must be able to withstand extreme temperatures (upwards of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit) as well as handle high amounts stress put upon them during intense races such as those found in NASCAR events.


It may come as no surprise that NASCAT cars make use of manual transmission systems with mechanically actuated clutches since this allows racers greater control over their vehicles’ shifting patterns than would be possible with an automatic setup alone. Whether opting for triple-plate carbon fiber disks or dual disk ceramic ones, these components play an integral role when competing at top speeds around tight corners and through long stretches where precision matters most!