Do Lacrosse Players Wear Shoulder Pads? All You Need To Know

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Do Lacrosse Players Need Shoulder Pads?

The sport of lacrosse has grown in popularity over the years, but one question remains: do lacrosse players need to wear shoulder pads? The answer is yes, they absolutely do. While lacrosse is a relatively non-contact sport, there are still some collisions that can occur and having protection on your shoulders can help prevent any serious injuries. In this article we will look at why shoulder pads are important for all levels of play when it comes to lacrosse.

Benefits Of Wearing Shoulder Pads

When playing any contact sport like football or hockey, wearing shoulder pads is essential for safety reasons. However, even though the game of lacrosse is considered a non-contact sports it’s still important to take precautions against potential impacts with other players that could be dangerous without protective gear. Wearing shoulder pads helps cushion blows from sticks and balls as well as providing extra support for arms and shoulders during intense physical activity such as jumping and throwing the ball around quickly.
Another benefit to wearing shoulder pads while playing lacrosse is that they provide better range and flexibility when making quick movements on defense or offense which improves agility on the field overall. They also protect against scrapes and cuts caused by rubbing up against other players during gameplay so you don’t have any nasty surprises after your match! Lastly, having additional padding also helps reduce fatigue from all those long practices where you may not realize how tired your body really was until afterwards if you weren’t properly protected with proper equipment like shoulder pads before hand!

Types Of Shoulder Pad Options For Lacrosse Players

There are several types of different options available depending on what level of play someone may be participating in; whether it’s recreational or professional leagues – everyone should invest in some type of protective padding! For beginners just starting out at an entry level position there are basic models designed specifically for this purpose while more advanced models cater towards experienced athletes who require extra protection due to their increased speed/skill set (i.e., goalies). Professional grade versions offer maximum protection due to their reinforced materials – these include full coverage designs featuring adjustable straps/pockets so individual preferences can be catered too more easily than ever before!


In conclusion, wearing appropriate protective gear while playing any type of sport – including lacrosse – is incredibly important regardless if its contact or not because no one wants unnecessary injuries disrupting their fun time outdoors! Thankfully there are various types available suitable for every skill level so everyone can ensure they’re safe when enjoying a game together with friends family members alike; now get out there & show off those awesome moves without worry thanks to reliable equipment!