Can You Use Your Shoulder In Soccer? All The Pros & Cons Explained

Can You Use Your Shoulder in Soccer?

Soccer is a sport beloved by millions of fans around the world, and while it can be easy to pick up the basics if you’re a beginner, some skills require more finesse. One skill that has been debated recently amongst players and coaches alike is whether or not it’s permissible to use your shoulder in soccer.

We’ll look into what the rules say about this particular move, as well as how different teams have used their shoulders on the pitch over time. Read on to find out whether using your shoulder could give you an edge during a game.

What Does The Rule Book Say?

The official FIFA Laws of The Game states that any player who uses their shoulder for contact with an opponent will be considered guilty of unsporting behavior and should receive a yellow card from the referee immediately following the incident. However, there are exceptions to this rule – for example when two players are contesting for possession of a ball then incidental contact between them may be allowed under certain circumstances.

The other key point here is that ‘shoulder barge’ style tackling must not occur at any stage; referees will often award free kicks (or even harsher punishment) against players who attempt such tactics during matches. In addition, all forms of physical contact must remain above board – no elbows or pushing! This also applies if an attacker runs into a defender with their shoulder as they try to shield off possession – such actions are seen as foul play regardless of intent or context within which they were committed.

Examples Of Successful Shoulder Use On A Soccer Pitch

Throughout history there have been numerous examples where skilled players have managed to use their shoulders effectively without infringing upon any laws of play- making them incredibly difficult opponents for opposing teams! Examples include Maradona’s iconic ‘elastico’ goal against England in 1986 World Cup semi-finals – where he dribbled past several defenders before scoring with his left foot – and Luka Modric’s incredible solo run through multiple Spanish opponents before finding netting an equalizer versus La Liga powerhouse Real Madrid Celta Vigo back in 2014/15 season La Liga matchday one fixture!


In conclusion, although using your shoulder in soccer can sometimes get you into trouble from referees due to its potential dangerous nature towards others; skilled professionals have shown us throughout time that it can indeed be used positively when done correctly too! With proper technique and understanding regarding laws pertaining to physical contact being applied consistently across each match situation – we hope that everyone can enjoy safe yet entertaining games wherever they go without worry about possible infringements occurring throughout competition period itself!