Can You Use Soccer Cleats For Lacrosse? All The Pros & Cons Revealed

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Can Soccer Cleats Be Used for Lacrosse?

It’s easy to get confused when trying to decide what type of footwear is needed for various sports. It can be even more confusing when you consider that many sports have similar aspects such as soccer and lacrosse. So, if you’re wondering whether soccer cleats are suitable for playing lacrosse, the answer is yes – but with some caveats.

Benefits of Using Soccer Shoes for Lacrosse

The main benefit of using soccer shoes for lacrosse is the fact that they provide great traction on grass surfaces which is essential in both sports. Additionally, since most outdoor lacrosse fields are made from grass or turf, it’s important to make sure your feet have enough grip so that you don’t slip during a game. Furthermore, soccer cleats are built with comfort in mind which allows players to remain agile and focused on the task at hand without feeling like their feet are weighed down or uncomfortable due to poor-fitting footwear.

Drawbacks of Using Soccer Shoes for Lacrosse

Although there are many benefits associated with using soccer cleats while playing lacrosse, there are also some drawbacks as well. For one thing, these types of shoes usually do not offer much protection from impact injuries such as ankle sprains or knee strains, which can occur due to sudden movements required during gameplay. Additionally, certain surfaces may require specific footwear in order to achieve optimum grip (for example: turf requires indoor/court-style court shoes). Thus it’s important players know exactly what surface they will be playing on before deciding what type of shoe would work best them specifically.


In conclusion – although it’s possible to use soccer cleats while playing lacrosse – they may not always be the best option depending on surface conditions and desired levels of protection against injury. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual player to decide what works best for them once all factors have been taken into consideration.