The Ultimate Guide To Stealing The Ball In Handball: Learn How To Take Control Of The Court!

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The Foundations of Handball: Can You Steal the Ball?

Handball is an exciting sport that has been popular in many countries for centuries. It’s a fast-paced game where teams compete by throwing and catching a ball, trying to score as many points as possible. But with so much action happening on the court, it can be hard to keep track of all the rules – including one important question: can you steal the ball in handball?

Rules Around Stealing The Ball In Handball

The short answer is yes, players are allowed to steal the ball in handball, but there are some restrictions around how they go about doing this. Firstly, stealing involves intentionally touching or moving another player’s body when they have possession of the ball – this is usually done by reaching out and taking hold of their arm or leg while attempting to take control of the ball. This kind of action requires skill and timing – if done too early or late it will result in a foul being called against you.

In addition to this rule, it’s also illegal for two players from opposing teams to touch each other while competing for possession of the ball at any time during play; if either player grabs onto their opponent then a foul will be called. Finally, players cannot use excessive force when attempting to steal – attempted steamrolling over your opponents will not end well!

Using Stealing To Your Advantage In Handball

Stealing isn’t just about stopping your opponent from scoring – it can also be used tactically within games as part of an overall strategy towards winning points and outsmarting rivals. By mastering techniques such as ‘body blocking’ (where one player uses their own bodyweight against their opponents) or ‘push-pull’ (where two players put pressure on each other simultaneously), experienced handballers can gain significant advantages over less experienced competitors who don’t know these tactics yet!

Learning how best to use stealing tactics within games takes practice – but once mastered, these skills become invaluable tools that make success more likely on any given day. So if you want to give yourself every chance at becoming a great handballer, then learning how best to use steals should be on your list!


When playing handball, you are allowed (although with some restrictions) to try and steal away possession of the ball from your opponent. Understanding and practicing stealing techniques can greatly help become a better player. It’s a skill that needs careful consideration and some mastery before you can use it to your advantage in the game!