Can You Play Field Hockey With a Broken Finger? What You Should Know

person jumping wearing red and white head gear in front of net goal

What is Field Hockey, and Can You Play With a Broken Finger?

Field hockey is a popular team sport that has been around for centuries. It involves two teams of 11 players using curved sticks to drive the ball into an opponent’s goal. Field hockey requires players to have agility, speed, and endurance in order to be successful on the field. But what happens when one of these athletes suffers an injury such as a broken finger? Is it possible to play field hockey with a broken finger or should they sit out until it heals?

Can You Play Field Hockey With a Broken Finger?

The short answer is yes, you can still play field hockey with a broken finger – but only if your doctor gives you the OK. While playing with any kind of fractured bone or joint can increase the risk for further injury, some minor fractures may not require much rest and rehabilitation before returning to play. In general, fractures involving joints generally take longer than those involving bones alone.

It’s important that individuals who suffer from any fracture consult their physician prior to continuing participation in sports activities such as field hockey. Depending on the severity of the fracture and other factors like age or previous medical history, doctors may recommend different treatments including rest or physical therapy exercises targeting strength and flexibility to ensure full recovery before returning back onto the pitch safely.


In conclusion, it’s possible for people suffering from broken fingers (or any other type of fracture) to continue playing field hockey – but only under proper medical supervision! Players should always talk about their injuries with their physicians first so they can receive personalized treatment plans designed specifically for them based off individualized needs and preferences before taking part in sports activities once again after healing up properly from whatever caused them pain initially!