Can You Play Field Hockey When Pregnant? Advice & Guidelines

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Expecting mothers often have to make many adjustments to their lifestyle and daily activities. With physical activity being an important part of a healthy pregnancy, many women wonder if they can still participate in sports such as field hockey while pregnant. The answer is yes – but only under certain conditions.

Can You Play Field Hockey When Pregnant?

Playing field hockey during pregnancy can be done with some modifications and precautions in place. It is recommended that you not participate in any contact sports due to the risk of injury or trauma to yourself and your baby. However, there are several ways you can modify your game so that it is safe for you and your unborn child:

Modifying Your Game

It’s best to start by consulting with your doctor before making any changes or playing any sport while pregnant – this will ensure that all safety considerations are taken into account when playing field hockey during pregnancy. Once cleared by your doctor, here are some tips on how to modify the game:

– Stick handling should be avoided at all times since falls may cause harm – instead, focus on improving ball control techniques such as passing, shooting, and dribbling;

– Reduce the amount of running involved by taking frequent breaks throughout the match;

– Wear protective padding over areas that may be more prone to contact;

– Opt for lighter practice sessions instead of competitive matches;

– Make sure you stay well hydrated throughout each session;

– Avoid direct collisions with other players at all costs!


In conclusion, pregnant women who want to get active by playing field hockey should consult their healthcare provider first before doing so. They should also follow specific guidelines, including reducing running time and avoiding direct collisions with other players at all costs! Ultimately though, as long as appropriate measures are taken, participating in light physical activity such as field hockey during pregnancy can benefit both the mother-to-be and her growing baby!