Can You Kick The Ball In Lacrosse? Learn the Rules and Regulations

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Can You Kick the Ball in Lacrosse?

Lacrosse is an exciting and rapidly growing sport that combines elements from hockey, soccer, and basketball. It’s a high-energy game that requires agility and exceptional hand-eye coordination. But with all of its rules and regulations, one question often arises: can you kick the ball in lacrosse?

The answer is yes – but only under very specific circumstances. In most cases, players are not allowed to kick the ball as it would be considered a violation of the rules. However, sometimes, kicking the ball is permitted by referees or other officials overseeing a match – for example, if an opposing player has illegally taken possession of a loose ball due to offsides or obstruction.

What Are Some Of The Rules Governing Kicking The Ball?

When it comes to kicking the ball in lacrosse, there are certain guidelines set out by governing bodies such as US Lacrosse (USL) that must be followed. For instance:

-Players may not use their feet (or any other part of their body) to pass or shoot at goal; instead, they must rely on their stick skills alone

-Kicks should never be used as direct attempts at scoring; rather they should aim for dislodging possession from an opponent

-In some cases where kicks become necessary during play (for example, if an offside obstructs progress), then referees have discretion over whether this action will be tolerated

-If, after several failed attempts using sticks, players need to resort to using feet, then this may also warrant further investigation by match officials


Although kicking is generally discouraged within lacrosse matches due to safety concerns and its potential disruption of flow within games, it can still occur under particular conditions granted that these actions comply with established rules set out by USL or similar organizations. Ultimately, players should always seek guidance from experienced coaches to know how best to navigate each situation without putting themselves or others at risk on the field!