Can You Hit In Lacrosse? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Man Wearing White and Red Lacrosse Uniform

Can You Hit in Lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a sport that has been around for centuries and still going strong today. It’s an exciting game with lots of action, but it can also be quite complex. One of the biggest questions many players ask is: can you hit in lacrosse? The answer to this question depends on the level of play and what type of lacrosse you are playing.

Hitting in Professional Lacrosse

When it comes to professional or college lacrosse, hitting is allowed as long as it remains within the rules and regulations set by the governing body overseeing the game. Hitting must be done in a legal manner where no player or object gets hurt or put at risk from it; if someone does get injured then penalties will follow accordingly. Players must remain mindful when participating in physical contact so that their opponents don’t suffer any harm due to these actions.

High School Level Lacrosse

At high school levels, there may be some slight differences regarding hitting allowances depending on each individual state’s rules and regulations for lacrosse play – though generally speaking, most schools tend to prohibit physical contact between players during games entirely. This means that even if one player attempts to hit another, they could face serious consequences such as suspension from the team or other disciplinary actions taken against them by their school administrators.

Youth Leagues

At youth levels (U-10 through U-14) ,hitting isn’t usually allowed because young kids often lack proper understanding about how much force can cause injury – not only for themselves but for those around them too! Youth leagues typically focus more on teaching fundamental skills than actual competition which makes sense considering younger players are just beginning their athletic journey with this sport .


In conclusion ,whether you’re playing professionally ,in high school ,or at youth levels ,it’s important to know whether hitting is allowed or not before taking part in any game . Allowing hits while playing may lead to injuries which would ruin everyone’s experience ! Knowing your league ‘s rules and regulations beforehand will help ensure a safe environment where everyone can enjoy themselves without worry .