The Definitive Guide To Dribbling In Handball: Master The Basics

Can You Dribble in Handball?

Handball is an indoor sport that has been gaining popularity over the past few years, especially at the professional level. This fast-paced and intense team game requires players to be agile and strategic while they strive to score goals against their opponents. An important skill for any handball player to master is dribbling, but what exactly does this involve? Can you really dribble a ball in this type of game?

What Is Dribbling In Handball?

Dribbling in handball involves using your hands or feet to control a ball’s movement as you make your way to the goal post. It’s very similar to how one would dribble a basketball with their hands, except instead of bouncing it off the ground, players have to use their bodies or equipment (like gloves) to keep it from touching any surfaces other than themselves or teammates. The aim when dribbling is not only to move upfield quickly but also to keep possession of the ball so that no turnovers occur.

Do You Need To Be Good At Dribbling To Play Handball?

Yes! While there are many different aspects that go into playing handball successfully, being able to effectively control and maneuver a ball around court obstacles like defenders will greatly improve your performance on the court. Furthermore, if you’re able to do so without allowing opponents an opportunity to steal away possession of the said ball then all the better; making sure that you don’t lose possession throughout play due to finesse dribbles can help put yourself (and your team) in advantageous positions during each match-up.


In conclusion, yes – you can absolutely dribble in handball! Being able to control and maneuver a ball upfield while avoiding turnovers due to poor execution are two key components when it comes to mastering this core skill set needed for success on the court; both require practice and dedication if one wants become competitively proficient at them too! So next time someone mentions “dribbles” remember – they’re referring more than just basketball here…