Can You Backhand In Boxing? An Expert’s Guide To This Punching Technique

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What is a Backhand in Boxing?

Backhanding in boxing is a technique that has been around for centuries, but it’s not one of the most popular punches. Unlike a jab or straight punch, a backhand uses an open palm instead of a closed fist. This means that you won’t be able to generate as much power with this punch, so it is often used as part of a defensive strategy rather than to deliver blows during an offensive attack. It also requires more precision, so practitioners must hone their accuracy if they want to land effective shots.

How Do You Execute The Backhand Punch?

To execute the backhand correctly you need to twist your wrist and forearm while keeping your elbow tucked close into your body. The body movement should look similar to how someone would swing at someone with an open hand slap, but instead push through the shot like you would any other punch from the guard position without lifting up on your feet or leaning too far forward on delivery. Your knuckles should face downwards when striking, and take care not to overextend yourself as this could leave you vulnerable for counterpunching or give away where your next move will be headed towards.

When Should You Use A Backhand Punch In Boxing?

The backhanded punch can be useful when trying to keep distance from opponents who are trying to get inside their range quickly and unexpectedly; it can help create space between fighters which gives them time think about what their next move will be and set up better combinations going forward. Additionally, if someone has managed to take control of the fight by getting very close, then use it as a surprise attack against them since they won’t expect such a blow coming from that angle–it may just give enough room for escape! Lastly, another way people use backhands defensively; by using small quick strikes with minimal commitment (think parrying)you’ll have fewer opportunities for counterpunches being thrown at you because whoever’s attacking won’t know exactly where those punches are coming from either!


Using the backhanded punch in boxing can offer some advantages over traditional punching techniques due its surprising nature – it takes opponents off guard and allows fighters more time to strategize before making their next move – however, there’s no denying that mastering this technique requires precision so plenty practice needs ahead before attempting such moves during actual matches!