Can The Ball Touch The Net In Volleyball? Here’s What You Need To Know!

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Can a Ball Touch the Net in Volleyball?

Volleyball is an exciting and exhilarating sport that has become one of the most popular team sports around the world. With its fast-paced gameplay and high-flying acrobatics, it’s easy to see why people love volleyball so much. But for all its excitement and athleticism, there are still some rules which must be followed in order for a game to be legal. One such rule involves whether or not a ball can touch the net during play—so let’s take a closer look at this regulation!

Understanding Volleyball Rules

The rules of volleyball state that no part of any player’s body may touch or contact with the net while playing. If any part of a player touches or contacts with the net then they will commit what is known as ‘net fault’; resulting in them being penalised by awarding points to their opponents depending on where they were positioned on court when committing said fault. The same applies if an object (i.e., ball) touches or comes into contact with the net—as it would also result in a ‘net fault’. This means that when serving, spiking, setting up blocks or bumping/digging balls from overheads, players must ensure none come into contact with the top line of netting — otherwise their team will suffer points being awarded against them!

When Does Contact Become Legal?

Although players need to be aware about not allowing any parts of themselves come into contact with nets during play — there are certain scenarios where coming into contact does become legal under certain conditions: namely when playing doubles games: if two opposing players both have control over an incoming ball simultaneously before it crosses over onto either court side then this constitutes ‘legal interference’ and therefore becomes fair game (no pun intended!). So long as each player maintains good control over their respective half area during rallies then they won’t need worry too much about getting penalised for illegal interference — but always stay mindful just in case something goes awry!


In conclusion, although volleyball has many exciting aspects which make it so enjoyable to watch and participate -it’s important to remember that like all sports there are regulations which must be adhered too -and understanding how these rules apply regarding touching/contacting nets is crucial knowledge required by participants wanting ensure successful match outcomes without penalty from referees!