Can I Play College Football at 25 Years Old? Here’s What You Need To Know

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Can I Play College Football at 25 Years Old?

In the world of college football, age is a factor when it comes to determining eligibility. With the NCAA regulations in place, you must be within a certain age range to play for an collegiate team. So if you’re wondering if it’s possible to play college football at 25 years old – the answer is both yes and no.

Of course, there are exceptions that allow individuals who have been out of high school for some time to gain eligibility as they meet specific requirements set forth by the NCAA. However, this option may not be available depending on your circumstances and even if you do qualify, there are still other factors that come into play.

Eligibility Requirements

The main criteria used by the NCAA when deciding eligibility is whether or not an athlete has completed their full four-year high school education within five calendar years prior to enrolling in college – meaning someone who graduated from high school in 2016 would need to enroll in 2021 or later (or earlier) for them to become eligible for playing college sports such as football or basketball. This rule applies regardless of how old someone is; so even at 25 years old, one can become eligible provided they met all other requirements set forth by the organization governing collegiate sports activities which includes academic success and moral standing during their period away from secondary education institutions – including any gaps between completing their 4th year and enrollment date into higher educational institutes .

Other Considerations

Even if an individual meets all necessary criteria laid out by the NCAA it doesn’t guarantee admission into a specific program – particularly those with more competitive rosters like major division teams (Division 1). In such cases , players are required go through additional steps such as tryouts , interviews etc.. before being selected onto team roster . Furthermore , due competition among many younger athletes vying for limited spots means older prospects might be overlooked despite meeting all qualifications mentioned above .

Additionally , playing on a collegiate level requires physical fitness ; despite being technically “eligible” some people may find themselves unable keep up with younger teammates due lack practice time spent away from sport while pursuing different goals thus making them unfit selection . All these points should taken account when exploring idea joining college football squad after long hiatus from sport .


It’s possible for anyone over 18-years-old who has finished four years of secondary education within five calendar years prior to enrolling in university programs can attempt becoming part of college football squad but ultimately this depends on variety factors outside control including acceptance rates acceptance rate athletic ability & fitness levels etc… It’s best seek guidance coaches & advisers familiar process order increase odds gaining admittance desired program especially those considered more elite divisions higher educational institutes across US