Can Golf Carts Get Wet? The Safety Guidelines You Need To Know

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The Basics

Can golf carts get wet? The answer to this question is yes – depending on your golf cart type. Electric and gas-powered golf carts are designed differently, so they can handle different water exposure levels. However, there are steps that you can take to protect your cart from getting overly wet and suffering damage.

Electric golf carts are more susceptible to moisture than gas-powered ones due to their intricate electrical systems and wiring components. For electric models, it’s best to avoid driving in rain or through puddles and try not to leave them exposed if possible. If your electric model comes into contact with water, ensure that all electrical components such as batteries and wiring harnesses are dried out before use again for safety reasons.

Gas-powered carts tend to be more durable when it comes to being exposed or submerged in water due mainly because they don’t have any electronics that need keeping dry like an electric model does. This doesn’t mean you should intentionally drive your gas-powered cart through a flood though! It’s still important for these models too keep up with routine maintenance tasks like checking fluids such as oil level regularly since the engine is susceptible even if the rest isn’t soaking wet all the time.

Protection Strategies

If you want extra protection for both types of golf cart when faced with rainy conditions, there are some strategies you can take which will help keep them safe from becoming overly saturated in moisture while out on the course:

– Invest in protective covers: Covers made especially for golf cars provide an extra layer of defense against large amounts of rainwater coming into contact with sensitive parts like batteries or engines by shielding them completely away from direct exposure during storms

– Keep an eye on weather forecasts: Checking ahead means being able prepare accordingly by parking inside a shelter during thunderstorms or taking extra care when planning outdoor activities involving your vehicle around bad days forecasted

– Use tire sealants: Tire sealant sprays applied before going off course create a barrier between wheels and tires reducing the risk of soaked tire treads caused by standing water along paths

– Apply waterproof products: There are special waxes available which help repel dirt buildup caused by mud splashes but also prevent rusting over time due their waterproof properties

Following these tips helps minimize potential long term damages related directly linked with constant humidity build up within a vehicle so it’s worth considering investing some time towards protecting yours before going outdoors next time!


In conclusion, both electric and gas-powered golf carts can get wet, although one needs more attention than another when it comes down too staying dry most times. Taking preventive measures such as using protective covers, checking weather reports, applying tyre sealants /waxes etc.. goes along way towards preserving its condition throughout humid seasons!