Are Uppercuts Allowed In Boxing? The Pros & Cons Of This Popular Punch

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What is an Uppercut in Boxing?

Uppercuts are a powerful punch used in boxing. It is usually thrown from the lower body with a rising motion and can be delivered to either the head or body of an opponent. The uppercut requires balance, power, speed, and accuracy to be effective; it’s one of the most difficult punches to deliver correctly. In addition to delivering punishing blows, this punch can also help boxers maintain their distance by keeping opponents away with its long reach.

Are Uppercuts Allowed in Boxing?

Yes, uppercuts are allowed in boxing provided that they are properly executed and land on appropriate targets. A good uppercut should target the chin or jawline; hitting any other parts of the head such as the eyes or nose could result in disqualification from a match. Additionally, all punches must be thrown within legal limits; punching too hard can cause serious injury and will not be tolerated by referees or judges who oversee matches.


Uppercuts have been part of boxing since its inception centuries ago and remain a popular weapon for many fighters today due to their effectiveness if performed properly. While they may seem intimidating at first glance, mastering them takes practice like any other skill involved in competitive sports – so don’t count yourself out just yet! Whether you’re training for your first match or looking to take your skills up a notch, learning how to throw proper uppercuts is sure to give you an edge over your opponents both inside and outside of the ring!