Are Tennis Shoes Good For Volleyball? What You Need To Know Before Buying

man playing tennis

Are Tennis Shoes Good for Volleyball?

Volleyball is an incredibly popular sport and a great way to stay fit. It’s no surprise that people are often curious about what type of shoe they should be wearing when playing volleyball. The answer is not as straightforward as some might think, so let’s dive into the details of whether tennis shoes are suitable for volleyball.

Benefits of Wearing Tennis Shoes for Volleyball

Tennis shoes provide excellent cushioning which makes them ideal for high-impact sports like volleyball. They also offer good support, which helps to protect your feet and ankles from injury during play. Additionally, because they have a thicker sole than other types of footwear, they provide extra stability on court surfaces like sand or concrete. This can help players move more quickly and confidently while making sharp turns or jumps without slipping or losing balance.

Drawbacks of Using Tennis Shoes for Volleyball

The main drawback to using tennis shoes over dedicated volleyball footwear is that they lack the grip needed in order to properly pivot on court surfaces such as wood floors or hard courts. This can make it difficult to change direction quickly if you’re wearing tennis shoes, particularly if you don’t have the right kind with enough grip on the soles . Additionally, tennis shoes tend to wear out faster due to their thinner rubber soles which may cause problems with traction after extended use in a sport where quick pivoting is essential .


Overall ,tennis shoes certainly have their advantages when playing volleyball but there are also some drawbacks depending on your own preferences and needs . While these types of sneakers may be just fine for recreational play , serious athletes may want consider investing in specialized footwear that offers better performance features .