Are NASCAR Cars Manual? The Surprising Answer Revealed!

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What Transmission Does a NASCAR Race Car Use?

NASCAR is one of the most popular and exciting motorsports in the world. Every race weekend, millions of fans tune in to see their favorite drivers compete for victory on some of the best tracks around. But what makes a NASCAR vehicle so competitive? What type of transmission does it use?

Manual Transmissions

Most modern-day street cars have an automatic transmission that takes care of shifting gears for you with just the press of a button or turn of a knob. However, when it comes to NASCAR race cars, manual transmissions are still used instead. This is because they give racers more control and better performance than an automatic. Manuals also allow drivers to shift faster and at higher RPMs than automatics do, giving them an advantage when it comes time to make passes on track.

The Clutch System

In order to get all that power from their engines onto the track successfully, NASCAR drivers must master two pieces of equipment: their foot pedals and clutch system. The clutch is responsible for transferring power from the engine through the transmission into each wheel – meaning without it there’d be no movement whatsoever! Drivers must be able to perfectly balance using both feet together as well as independently in order to get off starts quickly out on track and keep up with other competitors throughout each race segment.


A key component behind every successful driver in any motorsport is having complete control over their machine – something that only manual transmissions can offer in racing circles like NASCAR. With its precise shifting capabilities combined with its fast reaction times, this setup helps ensure that drivers can get every bit out performance out of their vehicles while maximizing safety along the way too!