Are Golf Courses Measured In Feet Or Yards? The Surprising Answer!

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Golf Course Measurements: Feet or Yards?

Golf is a beloved game around the world, and one that requires exact measurements to keep the playing field fair. But when it comes to golf courses, how do we measure them? Do golf courses use feet or yards as their units of measurement?

Understanding the measurements used in golf can help you become a better player. Knowing which type of unit is used for measuring distances on different parts of a golf course can help you make more accurate calculations and plan your shots with greater precision.

Distance Markers: Yards vs. Feet

When it comes to long-distance markers on a typical 18-hole course, most will be measured in yards. However, some smaller details like sprinkler heads may be marked in feet instead, so it’s important to pay attention when walking around the course and familiarize yourself with both types of units if possible. When taking into account elevation changes between tee boxes and greens, many times this information will be noted in feet as well since height differences are usually quite small compared to overall distances traveled during each shot.

Total Yardage of Golf Courses

The total yardage for an entire 18 hole course is typically given using only yards as its unit of measure – regardless if certain sections/holes involve shorter distances that may have been marked off using feet instead. This makes sense since long-distance shots are much more common than close ones, so providing an estimate solely based on yards helps provide players with an idea about how challenging the round might be before they even begin playing!


In conclusion, while there are exceptions depending upon what part of the course you’re looking at (sprinkler heads etc.), most often golf courses will use yards rather than feet as their primary unit for measuring distance across all 18 holes – including total yardage estimates given out by clubs/courses themselves! Knowledge about these two different forms of measurement can help improve your game significantly by allowing you to plan out shots more accurately due to understanding exactly how far away objects/targets are from where you currently stand!