The Ultimate Guide to Flicks and Lifts: Everything You Need To Know About Field Hockey

Are Flicks and Lifts the Same Thing in Field Hockey?

Field hockey is a popular team sport with many variations and techniques that players must master to excel. One particular technique, known as ‘flicks’ or ‘lifts’, can confuse new players trying to understand the difference between them. In this blog post, we will explore both techniques in detail to see if they are different or the same thing.

What Are Flicks?

Flicks refer to a specific type of move field hockey players use when attempting to score a goal or set up an offensive play. It involves using the head of your stick (known as “flickeing”) while running at full speed toward the goal, allowing you to quickly take advantage of any openings presented by defenders who may not be expecting such an advanced technique from you. This can often result in easy goals for experienced flickers!

What Are Lifts?

On the other hand, lifts involve raising your stick above your opponents’ heads before pushing it forward into their body with force, usually resulting in knocking them off balance and giving you more space on the field. The lifting motion is performed just after making contact with your opponent’s stick so that it does not become tangled up together causing confusion for both sides during gameplay. Therefore unlike flicks which rely solely on skillful control over ball movements, lifts require strength and quick reflexes for them to be successfully executed correctly!

Are They Really Different Techniques?

The answer lies somewhere between yes and no – although there have been arguments made that both moves should technically be considered separate entities due to their distinct differences (e.g., power vs. finesse), others have argued that they should share a similar category due simply because they serve similar purposes within game-play (i.e., creating space). Ultimately, this debate will likely continue among field hockey fans until there is some consensus about how each move should officially be classified amongst other traditional skills found within this sport!


After examining flicks and lifts closely, we can conclude that even though these two techniques look very similar on paper – with respect to their end goals – ultimately, practitioners need sufficient experience playing field hockey before being able to distinguish between them accurately when executing either one during live gameplay scenarios!