Are Field Hockey Sticks Curved? Everything You Need To Know

Field Hockey Stick and a Yellow Ball

Understanding the Curvature of Field Hockey Sticks

Field hockey sticks are an important part of any field hockey player’s equipment. But it can be hard to understand why the stick is curved and what purpose the curve serves. In this blog post, we will discuss why field hockey sticks have a curve, how that affects gameplay, and what type of curvature you should look for when purchasing your own stick.

Why Are Field Hockey Sticks Curved?

The primary purpose of a field hockey stick’s curvature is to improve ball control. The concave shape allows a player to easily scoop up the ball with their stick and keep it close by while running or passing. It also helps with shooting since it provides more surface area than a flat-ended stick would have – allowing players to better direct their shots towards goal or pass accurately from one side of the pitch to another. This makes them especially useful in fast-paced games where accuracy is key!

Types Of Curvatures And Their Effects On Play

When choosing your own field hockey stick, there are several types of curves available on the market – all designed for different levels of play. For beginners, low bow sticks (which feature less extreme curvature) are often recommended as they make controlling and passing easier from short distances; whereas mid bow (with its moderate bend) gives advanced players greater control over long passes and shots on goal from further away due to its larger surface area which increases aerodynamics during flight time. Finally, high bows offer optimal power as they provide plenty of leverage during 3D skills such as aerial dribbling but can be harder to master if you’re just starting out in this sport so take care when selecting your first choice!


Field hockey sticks come in various shapes and sizes that each affect gameplay differently depending on skill level – understanding these differences will help you select the right type for yourself or gift someone else who may need help getting started in this exciting sport! Different levels of curving allow varying amounts of control over distance while shooting or passing – ultimately making them essential tools for any successful team member looking forward into victory lane!