Are Field Hockey Balls Hollow? Here Is What You Need To Know

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Are Field Hockey Balls Hollow?

Field hockey is a sport that requires the use of specialized equipment, including balls. If you’ve ever wondered whether field hockey balls are hollow or not, then you’re in luck. In this blog post, we’ll explain the answer to this question and discuss why it’s important to know if your ball is hollow or solid.

What Is a Field Hockey Ball?

A field hockey ball is made from either plastic or cork and has an inner core of hard rubber with bumps on its surface. It usually weighs between 5-6 ounces and has an 8-9 inches circumference. The color of the ball can vary depending on the game and league; however, they typically come in white, yellow, orange or pink colors. These balls are designed specifically for playing field hockey so they have less bounce than other types of sports balls like soccer or basketball.

Are Field Hockey Balls Hollow?

The answer to this question is yes; most field hockey balls are indeed hollow! This means that there is air inside them which makes them lighter than regular sports balls, such as soccer or basketballs, which contain no air inside their cores. The air also helps with controlling the speed and trajectory when shooting for a goal during playtime since it reduces drag against surfaces like grass fields where games are often played outdoors.

Why Does It Matter That Field Hockey Balls Are Hollow?

It matters because having an empty core allows players to control how much power they put into their shots more precisely as well as how much spin they give it when taking long range passes across fields during matches – something which would be impossible if these were solid objects instead! Additionally, being able to control these factors better enables players to score goals more easily since it increases accuracy by reducing random bounces off surfaces caused by windy conditions etcetera too – something else which wouldn’t be possible without having an empty core within each field hockey ball used during games today!


So now you know – all standard field hockey balls have an empty center making them lighter yet still durable enough for long-lasting use out on any turf pitch during tournaments around the world! Knowing this information will help improve your skills when aiming at targets while playing no matter what type of surface you’re dealing with while also increasing accuracy due to reduced drag effects caused by windy weather conditions, etc too – making sure every shot counts towards winning those all important matches today!