Uncover the Mystery of Bowling Balls: Are They Hollow or Not?

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What are Bowling Balls?

Bowling balls are an essential piece of equipment for playing the game of bowling. While they may seem simple, there is actually a lot that goes into choosing and using the right bowling ball. That’s why it’s important to understand exactly what makes up a bowling ball before hitting the lanes. So, let’s take a closer look at one particular question: Are bowling balls hollow?

Are Bowling Balls Hollow?

The simple answer is yes – most standard size bowling balls are indeed hollow inside. This allows them to be relatively lightweight while still providing enough mass for proper ball motion down the lane as well as enough power when striking pins. The exact makeup of each individual ball can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but typically includes some kind of synthetic rubber material along with other materials such as urethane or resin that help give each specific type of ball its unique properties such as spin or hook potential.

How Are Bowling Balls Made?

Most modern-day bowling balls are made by injecting liquid polyurethane into two separate molds that come together around a core in order to form the shape and design you see on store shelves today. Afterward, any additional components such as grip holes will then be added in order to customize your desired effect on the lane. From this point forward, various treatments like sanding and polishing will occur so that all surfaces have an even finish which helps reduce friction when rolling down the lane giving you more predictability when throwing strikes or spares!


In conclusion, we now know that most standard sized bowling balls are indeed hollow inside allowing them to maintain their lightweight appeal while still having enough power behind them for effective pin action out on the lanes! Understanding how these objects work and how they’re made can go a long way towards improving your understanding and success with this timeless sport – so make sure you keep this information in mind next time you hit up those alleys!