Why Do Women’s Lacrosse Players Drop Their Sticks?

woman lacrosse player running on field at daytime

Understanding the Reasons Behind Women’s Lacrosse Stick Dropping

Lacrosse is a fast-paced and exciting sport, with some of the most dedicated athletes on the field. But there’s one curious action that players take during a game – dropping their sticks when they fall. Most people may not be aware of this behavior, but it has an important purpose: safety.

When female lacrosse players are running and moving around at full speed, they need to be able to protect themselves and their opponents from any potential injuries caused by contact with their stick. Therefore, if a player falls or slides while carrying her stick, she will instinctively drop it in order to avoid inflicting harm on herself or anyone else nearby.

The Mechanics of Stick Dropping

Dropping your stick can seem like an odd move at first glance, especially since male lacrosse players don’t do it nearly as often as women do. But there’s actually quite a bit of technique behind this seemingly simple gesture; for instance, depending on which way you’re falling, you’ll want to make sure your body doesn’t land directly on top of the stick itself (which could cause injury). It also requires good timing so that you can drop your stick just before hitting the ground in order to minimize the risk of injury from contact with other objects or surfaces surrounding you after hitting them once dropped.

Furthermore, female lacrosse players must learn how to control where their sticks go once released; tossing it away too far could lead to penalties against either team should another player pick up said object during playtime without being allowed access according to regulations set by governing bodies such as US Lacrosse & International Federation Of Women’s Lacross (IFWLA). This means that even though one might think all they have to do is “let go” – proper execution takes practice!


Women’s lacrosse isn’t just about scoring goals; playing safely and protecting yourself and others is paramount for success both on and off the field! Through skillful technique honed through training sessions involving both physical drills & mental strategizing alike, female athletes know exactly when & how hard/far they need to toss away their lax sticks whenever quick reflexes dictate them to do so. The next time you watch a women’s game, keep an eye out for those sudden drops – now knowing why these actions occur will surely make them stand out even more!