Who Serves First In Pickleball Doubles? Uncovering The Rules Of The Game!

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The Basics of Serving First in Pickleball

Pickleball is a great game for those looking to get some exercise while engaging in a competitive and fun sport. One of the main gameplay elements is serving, which can be performed with either singles or doubles play. But when playing doubles, there are different rules regarding who serves first – and this article will explain the basics so you can hit the court with confidence!

Who Serves First?

When playing pickleball doubles, typically one player from each team serves for two consecutive points before switching off to their partner. This means that when it’s time to start a new game, both teams must decide who gets to serve first. To decide this fairly, each team usually takes turns throwing out an object such as a coin or paper wad and calling “heads” and “tails” accordingly. The winner gets to choose whether they want to serve first or not; if they do not choose then their opponents get the choice instead!

What Happens After That?

After someone has served first (and won/lost that point), it’s then up to them whether they want continue serving or let their partner go ahead instead – but bear in mind that once you switch off after two successful points scored you cannot switch back until your next turn comes around again! A good strategy here is keeping track of how many points have been scored by each side (as well as any other relevant details) so everyone stays on top of things throughout the match without having too much confusion over who should be serving at any given moment.


Serving correctly can make all the difference between winning and losing in pickleball doubles matches – so understanding who should serve first is essential knowledge for any serious player! While it might seem complicated at first glance, getting into the habit of tracking scores and alternating servers regularly makes it easy enough over time – just remember that whoever wins the initial toss-up has complete control over deciding which team goes first!