The Surprising Answer To Where Do NASCAR Drivers Pee?

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If you’ve ever watched NASCAR racing, chances are you’ve wondered about the logistics of it all. After all, these races can go on for hours at a time and there doesn’t appear to be any sort of pit stop for drivers to take bathroom breaks. So where do NASCAR drivers go when nature calls? That’s what we’re here to find out today!

The Challenges of Taking a Bathroom Break During Racing

Taking a bathroom break mid-race is no easy feat – especially in a racecar going 200+ miles an hour! It would be incredibly dangerous if the driver were to attempt to pull over or slow down during the race, so they have come up with some creative ways around this issue.

What Do NASCAR Drivers Do When Nature Calls?

In order to stay hydrated during the long races without having to risk their safety by stopping along the track, many drivers will actually wear adult diapers while they are racing. This may seem like an odd solution but it is actually quite practical as it allows them to continue driving without worrying about needing a pit stop every few hours for relief. In addition, some teams have developed special “relief systems” that allow drivers quick access to containers filled with liquids that can help reduce dehydration and provide relief from full bladders. These systems are connected directly into the car so that when needed, drivers can quickly sip on liquids or even urinate into a bag without having to worry about slowing down their cars too much in order for them not only keep up speed but remain safe as well.


So there you have it – now you know how NASCAR drivers manage their bladder needs during those long races! While wearing diapers isn’t exactly glamorous or comfortable (and mustn’t smell great!), it’s definitely far safer than attempting any type of pitstop mid-race which could easily prove fatal if done wrong!