The Fascinating History of Badminton: Where Did the Name Come From?

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Uncovering the Origin of Badminton’s Name

Badminton is a beloved and popular sport that has been around for centuries, but where did it get its name? Whether you are an avid badminton player or love to watch the game, understanding the history behind the name can be incredibly interesting. Let’s examine how badminton got its name and why it stuck.

The Early History of Badminton

Badminton originated in India as early as the 18th century, when British soldiers were stationed there during colonial rule. The game was called “poona” by locals at that time, which was derived from a village near Pune City known as Poona. It wasn’t until much later that the game became popularized in England. In 1873, dukes from Gloucestershire invited their friends over for an event they referred to as “badminton”, named after their ancestral estate of Badminton House located in South Gloucestershire County. This is how badminton received its current moniker – by being associated with this prestigious estate home!

Gaining Popularity Around The World

In the 1880s, badminton had begun spreading across Europe and even made its way to North America. Despite some minor modifications along the way such as scoring rules or court measurements, it remained relatively unchanged over time, leading to wider recognition and acceptance throughout many countries worldwide. By 1934, Badmington had become so popular that an international governing body known today as BWF (Badminton World Federation) was established, with headquarters located in Malaysia. This organization brought together all major tournaments under one banner, including world championships, Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games etc. As expected, more people began taking up this exciting sport due to these events!


Today, badminton is a well-known sport played around the world. However, it was not always like this. Its origins date back nearly two centuries ago when British soldiers introduced locals to new games while stationed in India. Later, aristocrats took part in events held at the famous family home, “Badminton House,” hence giving us what is now our beloved pastime!