Where Did Pickleball Get Its Name? Unveiling The Origin Of This Popular Sport

Where Did Pickleball Get Its Name?

Pickleball is a sport that seems to be gaining in popularity. It’s often seen on tennis courts and it looks like a mix between ping pong and badminton, but the question remains: where did pickleball get its name? It turns out there’s an interesting story behind this fast-paced game.

The Origins of Pickleball

Pickleball was invented in 1965 by three businessmen from Washington state who were looking for something fun they could do while their kids were away at summer camp. When they returned with the game, it didn’t have a name yet — so one of them suggested “pickles!” And thus, the game was named pickleball after Joel Pritchard’s wife, Joan, who loved picking up pickles each time she went to the store (hence her nickname).

A Growing Popularity

Since then, pickleball has grown in popularity around the world. From recreational players to professional tournaments, anyone can enjoy this fast-paced sport that combines elements from different sports such as badminton and table tennis. Plus, since all you need is a racquet or paddle and some plastic balls – it’s easy to play anywhere! So next time you see people playing what looks like ping pong on a hard court – don’t forget to ask them about their favorite sport – pickle ball!


At first glance it might not seem clear how this energetic hybrid sport got its unusual name – but thankfully there’s an explanation for why we call it “pickle ball”. Thanks to three inventive businessmen back in 1965 we now have this great way of having fun with family or friends outdoors during summertime. With its rising popularity among both casual players and professional athletes alike – why not give it a try yourself today?