The History of Pickleball: When Did It All Begin?

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A Look at the History of Pickleball

Pickleball has been around for a while, and its roots date back to 1965 when three dads in Washington got together to invent a new game. It sounded ridiculous at first, but it quickly became popular among the dads’ families. The game was originally called “pickle-ball” because one of their wives referred to traditional badminton as “the cucumber game.”
The rules of pickleball have changed over time; originally it was played on a tennis court with wooden paddles and a wiffle ball. Nowadays, it is most commonly played on an indoor or outdoor court that is slightly smaller than a regular tennis court. Players use graphite paddles instead of wooden ones and they play with plastic balls that are perforated like wiffle balls. The scoring system is also different from tennis – players only score points when they serve and serves must be made diagonally across the net so that both opponents have an equal chance at hitting the ball.

Why Is Pickleball Popular Today?

Pickleball remains popular today because it’s easy to learn and can be enjoyed by all ages—from children who just want to hit a ball around to senior citizens looking for some low-impact exercise! Unlike other racquet sports such as tennis or squash, pickleball doesn’t require complex strokes; all you need is good hand-eye coordination and basic knowledge about how to return shots successfully. Plus, since games usually last about 30 minutes each (depending on the skill level), players don’t get too tired out from playing multiple matches in one day!

Another reason why pickleball has become increasingly popular over time is due its appeal towards individuals who may not enjoy other racquet sports due its lack of high impact movements which typically strain joints more harshly than lower intensity activities such as walking or swimming might do so. As such, individuals who may suffer from arthritis or joint pain often find this particular sport more comfortable compared against something like running which can often cause aggravation in sufferers with any kind of chronic pain condition related directly or indirectly toward their joints


All in all, pickleball has grown exponentially since its invention by three dads in 1965 thanks largely due its accessibility amongst people from various age groups coming together wanting nothing more than some recreational fun without having too much tension placed upon them through vigorous physical activity requirements associated with other racket sports out there today – making way for those suffering with arthritis conditions potentially take part despite whatever limitations they may face physically otherwise unencumbered by excessive stress being placed upon them during playtime within this sport alone which enables far greater freedom enjoyed between family members regardless if young or old alike!