What’s A Snowman In Golf? Here’s How To Avoid It!

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What is a Snowman in Golf?

Golf has its own unique lingo, and if you’ve only recently taken up the game, there may be some concepts that are unfamiliar. One of these terms you might have heard is “snowman”—but what does it mean?

In golf, snowmen refer to an especially poor score on one hole. This term comes from golfers who play during winter months when temperatures can drop so low that their scorecard resembles a snowman with three large circles stacked atop each other as they record 8 strokes per hole. While playing under these conditions may not be ideal for most players, it can still make for an entertaining round!

How Does a Snowman Affect Your Score Card?

A single snowman on your scorecard won’t affect your overall handicap or average scores too much; however, having multiple snowmen in succession will certainly add up over time. It’s important to strive for consistency no matter the weather or course conditions and avoid excessive scoring caused by snowballing bad shots. That said, even experienced golfers occasionally hit bad shots and wind up with a few extra points here and there; it happens to everyone at some point!


The phrase “snowman” refers to an especially poor shot in golf where the golfer records eight strokes on one hole. While this kind of lapse isn’t uncommon among beginners or those playing under tough conditions like cold weather, having several consecutive snowmen can quickly add up when tallying total scores over time. Despite this fact though, seasoned players understand the occasional misstep is inevitable—so don’t despair if you find yourself making more than one snowy friend out on the course!