What’s a Double Cross in Golf? Expert Tips to Master This Maneuver

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Understanding the Double Cross in Golf

Golf is a game of precision, skill, and strategy. It takes a lot of practice to become an experienced player and it’s important to understand all the rules and techniques involved. One such technique is known as the “double cross” which can be used to help create angles for shots that would otherwise be difficult or impossible. But what exactly is a double cross in golf?

What Is A Double Cross In Golf?

A double cross in golf occurs when two players agree to hit their shots at different targets with one having control over both balls simultaneously. This allows them to create angles that would not normally be achievable by either golfer alone. For example, if one player hits his shot towards the green, but wants more distance from it than he can achieve on his own, he could enlist the help of another player who could then hit his shot further away from the hole so as to give him more room for his final approach shot.

In addition to creating new angles on certain shots, this technique also offers other advantages such as reducing risk by allowing you to play around hazards or trees instead of directly through them and increasing your chances of making par or better on any given hole.

When Should You Use The Double Cross Technique?

The double cross technique should only be used sparingly because it requires coordination between two players and should not be done when there are other people playing nearby (as they may feel disrupted). Additionally, it should only be used when both players feel comfortable executing their respective shots properly – otherwise, things could go wrong quickly! Lastly, remember that this type of teamwork might not always come naturally, so make sure everyone understands what needs doing beforehand!


The double cross technique can offer great benefits for those who have mastered its intricacies but should never replace strategic thinking during regular rounds of golf – rather think about using this tactic whenever there are obstacles blocking your path or you need more yardage than usual from a particular angle! With proper execution, however; you may find yourself hitting some truly extraordinary shots thanks to this effective trick-shot maneuver!