What To Wear When Playing Pickleball: A Guide For All Players

The Benefits of Proper Pickleball Attire

Whether you’re a novice pickleball player or an experienced pro, the right attire can make all the difference. From providing comfort and protection to helping you perform at your best, having the proper clothing for pickleball is essential. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what to wear when playing pickleball so that you can maximize your game.

Choose Comfort-Focused Clothing

When it comes to picking out clothes for pickleball, comfort should be top-of-mind. You need apparel that won’t restrict movement and will keep you cool in warm weather conditions. Look for lightweight fabrics such as cotton or polyester blends with moisture-wicking properties; these materials are great at wicking away sweat while still allowing air to flow freely through them. Be sure to also look for loose fits that won’t constrict your body as you move around on the court – too tight clothing will impair your performance!

Opt For Protective Gear

In addition to comfortable clothing, it’s important to choose protective gear when playing pickleball – particularly if you’re worried about injuring yourself while playing or want extra support during vigorous play sessions. Padding like elbow guards and knee braces provide additional cushioning in case of falls or hard impacts against the court surface; likewise wearing shoes with good traction helps prevent slipping and sliding on slick surfaces. Also consider investing in sunglasses and a hat as they’ll help shield your eyes from bright sunlight during outdoor games!


At its core, choosing the right attire for pickleball involves finding apparel that suits both your style preferences and safety needs equally well. Comfort should always come first but don’t forget about protective gear either – this is just as important! Whether it’s lightweight fabric tops with moisture-wicking capabilities or sun shades and padding pieces, finding clothes specifically designed for sporty endeavors can significantly improve how well (and safely) you play each round of pickup ball so take some time before hitting up those courts!