What Score Do You Play To In Pickleball? A Comprehensive Guide

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What Score Do You Play To in Pickleball?

The game of pickleball is becoming increasingly popular among avid sports fans and recreational athletes alike. Whether you’re a competitive player or just looking for some fun and exercise, knowing the correct score to play to can be an important part of your strategy. So what score do you play to in pickleball?

Why Does the Scoring System Matter?

In order to understand why scoring matters, it’s helpful to know more about how the game is played. In pickleball, two teams compete against each other on a court with paddles and a plastic ball that resembles a whiffle ball. The object is for each team to hit the ball back-and-forth over the net until one team fails to return it correctly or hits it out of bounds – thereby earning their opponents points. Each point earned brings both teams closer towards winning that round or match. Knowing when exactly you need your team needs to reach 11 (or 21) points makes all the difference between victory and defeat!

What Is The Standard Score For Pickle Ball

The standard score for pickleball matches is 11 points per side, but there are also variations such as 15 or 21 points depending on tournament rules or specific requests from players involved in friendly games. It’s important that all participants agree upon which scoring system they will use before starting any competition – as this could have major implications during intense moments of fast-paced rallies!


Pickleball has become one of America’s favorite pastimes due to its blend of athleticism, skill, and strategy required by each player in order to succeed at this beloved sport; understanding which scoring system you must reach (11/15/21)in order win matches being essential knowledge for every aspiring competitor!