The Complete 2021 College Football Playoff Bracket: Here’s Who Is In And Out

aerial view photography of football field

What is the College Football Playoff Bracket?

The College Football Playoff bracket is an annual tournament in college football (American-style) that pits four of the top teams against each other to determine a national champion. The tournament involves four rounds of play, with the semi-finals and finals taking place at a neutral site. The teams are selected by a committee of experts who rank them based on their performance during the season.

The College Football Playoff system was first introduced in 2014, replacing the Bowl Championship Series (BCS). This new format was created to give more teams an opportunity to compete for the championship and make sure that every team has a fair chance at being crowned as National Champions.

How Does it Work?

The College Football Playoff operates using a simple bracket system which consists of eight teams competing over four weeks until one team is declared victorious. Each week there will be two games where each team competes against another from its own conference or region; this is known as ‘seeding’. In order to advance to higher rounds, teams need to win their respective games before progressing into semi-finals and then ultimately onto the final game which decides who becomes National Champions.

In addition, some conferences may also receive automatic bids for certain seeds if they have previously performed well in previous seasons or have achieved success within their particular conference/region; these are known as “power rankings”. The playoff selection committee determines which automatic bids should be given out each year based on various criteria such as strength of schedule and overall record.


At its core, The College Football Playoffs puts forth an exciting competition between some of America’s best collegiate football programs while giving smaller schools just as much opportunity at achieving success through power rankings and seeding systems implemented by committees made up of knowledgeable individuals within college sports circles. Through this methodical approach towards determining champions we can ensure that all deserving sides earn recognition for their hard work throughout what can sometimes prove to be grueling schedules loaded with intense competition along side it’s thrilling conclusion when crowning National Champions!