What Is Purse In Golf? Here’s How To Win Big With The Right Strategy

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What is Purse in Golf?

Golf can be a tricky game to understand, but one of the most important concepts to comprehend is the idea of a purse. A purse refers to the total amount of money available as prize money for any given tournament or event. For example, if you enter a golf tournament with a $10,000 prize pool, that means that all players competing are playing for an equal share of this $10,000. This prize money is known as ‘the purse’.

In addition to cash prizes and trophy rewards given out at tournaments and competitions throughout the year, purses are often distributed amongst professional golfers depending on their performance in various events. As well as offering financial incentive for top players, this also creates an opportunity for lower-ranked amateurs who may not have access to larger tournaments due to their skill level. By winning smaller purses at local events these amateur golfers can still get some recognition (and potentially some much needed practice).

How Is Prize Money Divided Up?

The way in which purse money is divided up varies from one competition or tournament to another; however there are certain standard rules applied when it comes down deciding how much each player will receive from the overall pot. Usually first place finishers will take home around 50% of the total purse while second place usually receives 25%. The remaining 25% tends to be split between third and fourth places respectively (though other divisions may occur depending on how many entrants were competing). It’s important bear in mind that these amounts will vary from tourney-to-tourney so it’s worth checking out exactly what kind of splits you might expect before entering any competition!


Purse money plays an integral role when it comes down to understanding professional golf – whether you’re looking into taking part yourself or just watching your favourite pro golfer compete! Knowing what kind of splits apply depending on where you’re playing should help give more insight into why certain pros do better than others – giving everyone a greater appreciation for what goes into mastering this challenging sport!