What Is Major League Pickleball & How To Get Involved?

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Introducing Major League Pickleball

Major League Pickleball is a new competitive sport that has taken the world by storm. It combines pickleball, a paddle sport similar to tennis and badminton, with traditional rules of baseball to create an exciting and fast-paced game. This combination of sports makes for intense competition with lots of strategy involved in each match. The goal is to be the first team to score 21 points or have the most points after seven innings of play. With its growing popularity, Major League Pickleball tournaments are now being held across the United States and around the world.

The Rules of Major League Pickleball

The rules for Major League Pickleball are simple yet challenging – much like baseball itself! Teams consist of four players who take turns pitching and hitting from opposite sides of their designated court. When batting, players can hit singles (1 point), doubles (2 points) or triples (3 points). As they run around bases, they can be called out if tagged within 10 feet by one opponent while another holds onto a ball thrown at them from behind home plate before they reach their destination base safely – just like in regular baseball!
Players must also keep track of strikes when pitching: three strikes mean you’re out; two balls mean walk; four fouls equals one strike; five fouls results in an automatic out; six fouls means you’re automatically ejected from the game! Finally, all games must end no later than 7 innings unless both teams agree otherwise or if there are weather delays which could interfere with playtime.

A Growing Sport

Since its emergence as a competitive sport several years ago, Major League Pickleball has continued to grow exponentially in popularity not only among casual fans but professional athletes alike! There are now tournaments hosted worldwide where individuals come together for camaraderie and friendly competition – making it easier than ever before for people everywhere to enjoy this unique sport regardless of age or experience level. So why not grab some friends and give it a try today? Who knows – you might just find your new favorite pastime!


Major league pickleball is an exciting blend between two classic sports that offers something different than either alone ever could — intense competition combined with strategic skillful gameplay that requires quick thinking on every turn. With its growing popularity amongst casual fans and professional athletes alike, this unique mix is sure to become increasingly popular throughout 2021 as more tournaments continue popping up across North America – so don’t miss out on your chance join in on all the fun today!