The Ins and Outs of High Jump: Everything You Need To Know About Track And Field’s Most Exciting Event

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High Jump: An Introduction to the Track and Field Event

Have you ever watched a track and field competition and wondered what high jump is all about? High jump is an event in which athletes attempt to leap over a bar, typically placed at a certain height. The athlete must clear the bar without touching it or knocking it down in order to be successful. It’s an exciting event that tests an athlete’s strength, speed, agility, coordination, and technique — so much so that many consider high jump one of the most difficult events within track and field.

How Does High Jump Work?

In order to compete effectively in high jump, athletes must develop their own unique technique for clearing the bar. Generally speaking, there are two main techniques used by competitive high jumpers – straddle (or “scissors”) style or flop (or “Western roll”) style. Each style requires different approaches when it comes to preparing for takeoff—from body positioning on approach run-up before clearance of the bar itself—that can be honed with practice over time.

Additionally, many athletes use specific drills such as hurdle hops or bounding exercises in order to build up power needed for take off while ensuring they have proper form during each phase of their jumps — from approach run up until landing after jumping over the bar. That being said, no one single method works best for every jumper; rather success comes down to finding out what works best for them individually through experimentation with different techniques based on individual strengths and weaknesses as well as overall athletic ability level..


Overall, understanding how high jump works involves taking into account both mental strategies like developing self-awareness around one’s own capabilities as well as physical training that helps build power needed for optimal performance on competition day. With enough practice any aspiring athlete can master this complex yet thrilling track & field event!