What Is A Pickleball Court? Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

a tennis player holding a racket

The Basics of Pickleball Courts

Pickleball has been gaining popularity in recent years as a fun and competitive sport that can be played indoors or outdoors. But what exactly is a pickleball court and how do you know it’s the right choice for your next game? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the basics of pickleball courts so you can make an informed decision about where to play your next match.

A pickleball court is typically composed of two side-by-side rectangular courts measuring 20 feet by 44 feet each, with parallel lines running through them both dividing them into halves. The net that separates the two sides should have a height between 34 inches and 36 inches measured from the center point on top. There should also be 7 foot non-volley zones on both sides before players are allowed to hit shots. The surface of the court can either be hardwood, concrete or asphalt depending on whether you’re playing indoors or outdoors.

Equipment Needed For Pickleball

Besides having access to an official regulation sized court for playing pickleball, there are other pieces of equipment needed for proper playability, such as paddles and balls. Paddles come in different sizes and materials ranging from wood to graphite, but all must comply with USAPA standards in terms of size and weight regulations so don’t forget to check! Balls come mostly in plastic variations although you may find rubber ones too which will give different characteristics when bouncing off surfaces – something important if playing outdoors with windy weather conditions!

Benefits Of Playing Pickleball On A Court

While many people enjoy playing casual games using whatever makeshift net they have available at home or out camping, there are several advantages associated with actually getting out onto an official regulation sized court instead: Firstly, because these courts are marked up correctly it makes it easier for everyone involved to understand where their boundaries lie; Secondly, having such defined parameters helps improve consistency when competing at higher levels; Finally there’s just something special about being able to show up somewhere specifically designed for pickling that adds another level excitement altogether!


In conclusion, having access to an official regulation size pickled ballcourt offers numerous benefits compared with simply making do at home or elsewhere without one – not least amongst being able to accurately mark boundaries which makes gameplay more consistent no matter who’s participating. Add into this mix the fact that proper equipment is required (which admittedly raises costs) plus added excitement factor associated with visiting dedicated facilities then yes – certainly worth considering investing in if possible!