What Is A Lacrosse Stick Called? Unraveling The Mystery Behind Its Name


What is a Lacrosse Stick Called?

Lacrosse is an incredibly popular sport that has become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly among younger generations. If you’re new to the sport or just curious about it, you may be wondering what a lacrosse stick is called. The answer isn’t as simple as it might seem!

Components of a Lacrosse Stick

A lacrosse stick is composed of several different components which all serve their own specific purpose. The shaft of the stick can either be made from wood, aluminum or composite material and comes in varying lengths depending on your playing style and preferences. At the top of the shaft sits the head, which can be strung with leather strings to create pockets for holding onto and throwing balls more accurately. The bottom end of the stick features a grip which provides additional control while handling and shooting with your lacrosse stick.

So What Is It Called?

The answer isn’t quite so straightforward – there are actually numerous names used to refer to this piece of equipment! In some circles it’s often referred to simply as “the Crosse” or “the Sticke” but it also carries other colloquial terms such as “laxstick” and even “long pole”. Each team in men’s college lacrosse will have at least one player who wears “shorts” specifically for carrying their sticks around on game day – these shorts are usually referred to by players as “lax-shorts”!


While there are many terms used for referring to a lacrosse stick, no single name stands out amongst them all – rather its commonly referred by whichever name best fits each individual situation! Ultimately every person involved in playing or watching this incredible sport knows exactly what they mean when talking about that iconic piece of equipment: A Lacross Stick!