What Is A Floater In Basketball? Here’s All You Need To Know!

ball under basketball ring


What is a Floater in Basketball?

Basketball is a fast-paced and exciting sport, but it can also require some finesse and technique. One of the skills that can add an extra element to your game is called the floater. But what exactly does this mean for basketball players?

Understanding the Basics of a Floater Shot

A floater shot, sometimes referred to as a runner or bank shot, is when you shoot from close range with a high arc over defenders using one hand. It’s most effective around the basket where there are more defenders trying to block shots or grab rebounds. The aim of this type of shot is to get it above any defender’s outstretched arms while still having enough power and accuracy so that it goes into the hoop at its highest point.

When attempting this move, you should use your dominant arm to take advantage of all its strength and stability for a successful outcome. You will also want to make sure your feet are firmly planted on either side of where you plan on shooting from before making contact with the ball; otherwise, you risk throwing off your balance and not getting enough lift on your shot which could cause frustration if missed opportunities start piling up!

Benefits Of A Floater Shot In Basketball

The main benefit of executing a floater shot successfully in basketball is being able score points against taller opponents who might have difficulty blocking shorter shots taken closer to them due their height disadvantage – creating an opportunity for those who aren’t necessarily tall but still have good coordination! Additionally, using this type of move can help create more space between yourself and any defending player as they won’t be able to anticipate exactly where you’re going next when taking such shots because they don’t always follow predictable trajectories like other types do (e.g., set jumpshots). Furthermore, mastering how best utilize these special moves will give players additional confidence knowing that they now possess another tool for success within their arsenal during competition!


Floaters are an essential skill every basketball player should practice if they hope to become successful in their game play. They provide numerous advantages both offensively and defensively depending upon each situation arising on court – adding yet another layer complexity into playing strategies available at one’s disposal! Practice makes perfect so take some time out today learning how best execute these unique shots with proficiency; after all only then would be able reap full rewards associated with mastery thereof!