What Is A Dink In Pickleball? Learn How To Master This Fun Move

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Understanding the Dink in Pickleball

A dink is one of the most basic strategies used by beginner and advanced pickleball players alike. It is an essential part of any pickleball game, and understanding how to properly execute a dink can help you improve your game dramatically. In this article, we’ll explain what a dink is, as well as discuss some tips on how to perform it correctly.

What Is a Dink?

In its simplest terms, a dink is when you hit the ball over the net with minimal or no spin at all. The goal of doing this is to make it difficult for your opponent to return the ball in an effective manner. A successful dink should not give your opponent much time to react before they have to send the ball back across the court. This makes it difficult for them because they must either keep their paddle close enough after each shot or move forward quickly enough that they can reach close-net shots without taking too long on their response time.

Tips for Executing a Successful Dink

There are several different steps involved in executing a successful dink: First off, be sure that you’re using proper form – keep your body low and slightly sideways so that you can generate more power from your swing while minimizing fatigue from having poor posture throughout playtime; Secondly, use light hands when hitting the ball over – this will ensure that there isn’t too much spin put onto it; Thirdly, aim high but not too high – if you hit too high then your opponent has more time than necessary to get into position; Finally, practice! As with any sport technique or strategy mastering proper form requires lots of practice and dedication!


Mastering even one particular skill such as hitting consistent dinks in pickleball can take some time and effort but with enough practice anyone can become better at playing this fun sport! Remember these tips next time you’re out on court – focus on keeping good form during hits while aiming just above net level – so that way when opponents least expect it they won’t have any chance of returning those pesky little shots back!