What Is A Clearance In Soccer? Understanding The Basics Of This Important Skill

man in yellow long sleeve shirt and yellow pants playing soccer

What is a Clearance in Soccer?

Soccer, or football as it’s called in most of the world, is one of the most popular sports on Earth. It’s played by millions of people and watched by billions. But what exactly is a clearance in soccer? This term can be confusing if you don’t know how to play the game, so let’s take some time to explore what it means.

Defining Clearing in Soccer

A clearance in soccer occurs when a player deliberately moves the ball away from their own goal area for safety purposes. This usually happens when an opposing player is about to shoot at goal or make another attempt at scoring against their team. By clearing the ball out of danger quickly, players can prevent goals from being scored against them and keep their team ahead on points during a match.

Players often use different techniques for cleaing depending on where they are located on the field and how much time they have before opponents reach them with an attack. For instance, players may choose to kick directly away from any opposition attackers or pass it off quickly to another teammate who can move it upfield more safely instead. An effective way to clear is also simply using your body as cover while redirecting the ball out of harm’s way with your feet or even hands if necessary (which would result in a foul).

When Should Teams Clear?

Clearing should only be used as an absolute last resort before allowing opponents into shooting range near your own goal area since this will give them chances at scoring which could ultimately lead to losses during matches if done poorly enough times! However even if teams do manage this activity well they still need other defensive strategies like pressing high upfield and working together defensively between teammates so that all bases are covered when countering opposing attacks effectively each game too! Additionally teams should always pay attention whenever there appears to be potential breakaways happening around either end zone – these moments require quick reactions and clears just really fast enough stop any potential shots being taken without giving away unnecessary fouls either side either way!


To summarise, clearing in soccer involves deliberately moving the ball away from one’s own goal area for safety purposes – usually done when an opponent looks poised for taking a shot at goal or attempting something else potentially damaging towards their scoreline overall. It requires both instinctive reactions alongside precise technical skills based upon where each individual situation presents itself within actual gameplay scenarios too – making sure that there isn’t too much risk attached whilst executing such manoeuvres accurately also helps ensure success rate amongst those involved which then translates into better results throughout whole games themselves eventually hopefully!