The Double Bounce Rule Explained: A Comprehensive Guide To Pickleball

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Exploring the Double Bounce Rule in Pickleball

Pickleball is a popular racquet and paddle sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis to create an entirely new game. The double bounce rule plays an important part in this unique sport – it helps maintain fairness between players and can even have a major impact on the outcome of competitive games. But what exactly does this rule mean? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the double bounce rule in pickleball so you can understand how it works.

What Is The Double Bounce Rule?

The double bounce rule states that both players must let the ball bounce twice before they hit it back over the net. This means that one player must let the ball bounce once on their side before they hit it back to their opponent, who then has to let it bounce again before returning it across the net. This makes sure that no player has an advantage while playing pickleball as each player will have had two chances to return shots during play.

When Does The Double Bounce Rule Apply?

The double-bounce rule applies only when serving or receiving serve for singles play or doubles play – meaning any time when one person is hitting after another person’s shot over the net from either side of court; including when playing against yourself by bouncing off walls (volley practice). It does not apply if you are simply rallying with another opponent without serving or receiving serves (which is common amongst beginner players).

How Do You Follow The Double Bounce Rule?

To follow this rule correctly during games of pickleball, make sure your opponents first hit lands inside your court before you send your return shot across to them – allowing them enough time for their second “bounce” which should also be within their own respective court area as well.. If either side fails to abide by these rules then points may be awarded depending on where and how hard/softly balls were served/returned.


The double-bounce rule is an essential part of Pickleball etiquette as following this ensures fairness between opponents whilst also preventing any potential cheating behaviours from occurring during competitive matches or casual games alike! Understanding how and when this specific gameplay guideline applies can help all participants enjoy Pickleball more effectively regardless of experience level – so why not try practicing with friends today!