What Does GB Mean In Lacrosse? A Quick Guide To Understanding The Lingo

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What Does GB Mean in Lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a sport that has been around for centuries. It is an intense and fast-paced game that requires skill, agility, and strategy. In the world of lacrosse, there are many different terms used to describe various aspects of the game. One such term is “GB” which stands for ground ball or loose ball in some cases. This article will explain exactly what GB means in the context of lacrosse so you can better understand how this important concept works during a match.

What Is A Ground Ball (GB)?

A ground ball in lacrosse refers to any loose ball on the field that has not yet been collected by either team’s players. The most common type of ground balls occur when a shot from one team misses its target; as long as no player from either team touches it first, it becomes a loose or “ground” ball upon hitting the turf. Both teams then have an opportunity to gain possession after this point by scooping up the ground ball before their opponent does so successfully.

How Do Players Gain Possession Of A Ground Ball (GB)?

Gaining possession over a loose or groundball involves using two main techniques: scooping and cradling it up with your stick while running toward your goal line; and checking it away from opponents who attempt to do the same thing themselves before you can get there first! To successfully check away an opposing player attempting to scoop or cradle up the GB, use your stick handle like a shield between them and yourself while pushing forward with both hands simultaneously – this should cause them to lose control over their own stick long enough for you take ownership instead!


In conclusion , understanding what GB means in lacrosse is essential if you want to become an effective player . Knowing when and how best utilize these skills can help give your team advantage during matches . With practice , time , and patience mastering these techniques could be key factor separating great players from mediocre ones !