What Does DP Stand For In Softball?

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What Does DP Stand For in Softball?

Softball is a popular game that many people enjoy playing and watching. It has its own unique set of rules and terminology, which can be confusing for those who are new to the sport. One term that you may have heard used in softball is “DP”, but what does it stand for?

The Meaning of the Abbreviation ‘DP’

The abbreviation “DP” stands for double play, which is when two outs are made during one defensive play. This usually occurs when the ball is hit to an infielder who throws out a runner at first base before they can reach safely, then quickly turns around and throws out another runner at second or third base. Double plays happen quite frequently in softball games as they require quick thinking on behalf of all players involved.

Different Types of Double Plays

There are several different types of double plays that can occur during a softball game including: force-outs (when a fielder catches a line drive or fly ball with runners on base), grounders (when an infielder fields the ball and throws it to another baseman) and pick-offs (when a pitcher throws over to catch an unsuspecting baserunner). All three situations involve two outs being made on one defensive move from either the pitcher or any other fielder involved in the play.


In conclusion, “DP” stands for double play in softball – when two outs are made during one defensive move by either the pitcher or another fielder involved in the play. There are various types of these plays such as force-outs, grounders, and pick offs; each requiring quick thinking from all players involved if they want complete successfully execute them.